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Aabida is a muslim girl name that you can have for newly born baby girls. Aabida name meaning is Worshiper, Devotee, Devout – Worshipper of Allah and the name’s origin is Arabic. Find everything about Aabida Name Meaning for Muslim Girls, information about its origin and various examples and usage of Aabida name.

Aabida – عابدہ

Aabida name meaning for muslim girls

Name: Aabida
Gender: Girl / Female
Meaning: Worshiper, Devotee, Devout – Worshipper of Allah
معنی: سچا، عقیدت مند، عبادت
Origin: Arabic

Remember names selection is very important in the life of every Muslim family for their newborn babies whether its girl or boy, so choose the best names according to meaning, history and characteristics associated with each name.

It is best to consult with a Masjid Imam (in your area) for best advice.